Minutes and Documents

Minutes 2021 AGM – 2021 AGM Minutes

Minutes 2021-10-04 – October 10th meeting immediately after the AGM

Minutes 2021-09-14 – September 14th meeting

Minutes 2021-09-13 – September 13th inquorate meeting

Minutes-2021-08-23 – August 2021 meeting

Minutes-2018-05-15 – Minutes for our May meeting.

Minutes-2018-04-17 – Minutes for our April meeting.

VILLAGE-HALL-CONVEYANCE-OCT-2011protected – The Conveyance Document, which outlines the procedures we need to follow with regards to the sale of the old Village Hall.

Neuadd Bentref Llanddona-OPEN MEETING-14 Nov 17-ENG – The English minutes for the open meeting held in November 2017.

Cyfardfod Agored – Open Meeting 14/11/17 – Cofnodion Cymraeg o’r cyfarfod agored a gafwyd yn ol ym mis Tachwedd 2017.